Sunday, March 17, 2019

How to Change name in voter id card ?

How to Change name in voter id card?

  Election is round the corner and many people will have many mistake in their voter id card. And because of that , they have to face many problems in giving vote. So here i have bring you step by step information of how to Change name in voter id card .
     Step by step information :
1) Go on the Official website of election Commission.
2) On the homepage ,go on " correction of entries in electoral roll"
3) Now you will get form no.8
5)Fill up all information 
6) then there will have one box of name Change.tick that.
7)upload your document, email and mobile no .
8) Submit the form.

9)Note down the given nomber .
    Aa mahiti gujrati ma vanchva niche ni link open karo.

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