Watch film BHARAT in hd resolution.

Watch BHARAT film in hd resolution.

Nowadays, film BHARAT is in full flow. Everyone wants to view this movie. So here we are giving a link to watch this film from the given link.

Bharat has been described by its makers as one man’s life story unfolding parallel to the journey of a nation. It’s a killer pitch, but one that makes the film sound deeper and more interesting than it actually is.

Salman Khan plays the titular hero whom we follow from the age of eight until a little after his 70th birthday. The film’s most moving scene comes early on when a family is separated during Partition, and a young boy makes a promise to his father.

Bharat is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, who chipped away at Salman’s larger-than-life screen persona and extracted a winning performance from him as the flawed, vulnerable wrestler in Sultan. But this film, which is an official adaptation of the Korean hit Ode to my Father, musters none of the heft that it aspires for. The makers have nothing particularly insightful or meaningful to say about either the protagonist’s or the country’s journey spanning nearly seven decades.

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